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Dr. Melissa Burr, Ed.D.



Lifelong┬áLearner? That would be me! I love school, love to learn, and love teaching! My journey will never end, but I hope along the way that I am contributing to the lifelong learning of others in a way that positively impacts their lives. I am an educator, instructional designer, and project manager. I strive to always find unique and exciting ways to teach. My ultimate passions lies within teaching and education. I love to see that spark when a student ‘gets it!’ that light bulb moment!! My greatest achievements happen in the classroom, contributing to the knowledge of a child! Education and knowledge is something no one can take from you and I love to be a part of that journey with students. Math is my other passion! I love numbers! Combining the two is my happiest moments!

I believe in differentiate learning environments and giving learners real world experiences to solidify the learning. To learn more about my background, you can click on the link to the right to view my resume.

Part of my journey has been to complete another Master’s Degree, this time in Instructional Design.┬áThe following additional Academic Projects were chosen as a reflection of my work throughout the Masters Degree program for Instructional Design. Enjoy!

The Program Evaluation Project was chosen as a representation of a program evaluation from start to finish, including the rationale for completion the evaluation.

Program Evaluation

The following project was chosen as a reflection of the end to end process of a project, communication, and all documents included.

End to End Project Process Portfoliol