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Reflection – Learning Theories Instruction


Dr. Melissa J Burr

Walden University


What did you find surprising or striking as you furthered your knowledge about how people learn?

This course was extremely interesting to me. I have only been in the corporate world for one year. Previously I was in the public school system. As a teacher, I used differentiated instruction to meet the leaning needs and styles of my students. Knowing that there is not one way to learn, incorporating differentiated activities and learning situations allowed my students to use the one that they learned best from. I was able to accommodate their learning needs because I knew the students. When I moved into the corporate world and my job is to create online training programs for people all over the world that I will never meet, the “teaching” job got incredibly hard. Adults learn differently than students, but meeting the needs of the adult learners is just as important as young learners. Leaning more about how adults learn and incorporating learning situations that allowed for knowledge to all learning styles is very challenging. I do not think that there was anyone one thing that I found surprising, it is more that clarity was brought to my situation. This class was encouraging and gave me the confidence to continue in the corporate world.

How has this course deepened your understanding of your personal learning process?

I have understood my personal learning process throughout my education, but as I have gained more knowledge about learning styles, and theories, I understand more about how they all connect. I am confident in my knowledge but love to learn more and how to incorporate more theories into my learning process.

What have you learned regarding the connection between learning theories, learning styles, educational technology, and motivation?

The knowledge that I have gained in this course has been eye opening. This course has allowed me to have a better understanding how learning theories and learning styles work together, how educational technology enhances the learning environment, and how important motivation is to the student. Incorporating these things together will produce an encouraging environment that is conducive to learning. I have always believed and preached that there is no one way to learn and everyone CAN learn. The connection between the learning theories, styles, technology, and motivation proves this.

How will your learning in this course help you as you further your career in the field of instructional design?

Being new to the field of instructional design, the knowledge that I gain from these courses will help me to develop online training that will be able to reach multiple learning modalities. I have an extensive background in curriculum development, but taking what I know about teaching out of my head and putting it into a computer and getting the computer to design what I would normally do myself as a teacher is much more challenging. These courses will enhance my skills in this field.




I am a Learning Strategy Lead, Project Manager, and Professor at the local college. I teach diverse audiences through in person and online learning environments. I manage projects that Instructional Designers create elessons for and consult on curriculum developments. I look forward to continuing to teach in the future, utilizing my instructional designer skills to help create engaging learning environments.

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