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Evaluating and Identifying Online Resources

The first website that I used in research about the brain and learning was Scholastic s, under Teachers. The article I read is titled: How the Brains Learn Best; Easy ways to gain optimal learning in the classroom by activating different parts of the brain bBruce D. Perry, M.D., Ph.D.

This article discussed neural system fatigue. The articles identifies how the brain tires, like any other muscle, and how to avoid neural fatigue. The most effective presentation must move back and forth through these interrelated neural systems, weaving them together. These areas are interconnected under usual circumstances, like a complete “workout” in the gym where we rotate from one station to another. Similarly, in teaching, it is most effective to work one neural area and then move on to another (Perry, 2014). It is very eye opening to learn that our brains tire like other muscles, but also how quickly our brain can tire if it is not stimulated. This article is very useful as a teacher and instructional designer with specific examples on how to created material that will be engaging and stimulating. Human beings are storytelling primates. We are curious, and we love to learn. The challenge for each teacher is to find ways to engage the child and take advantage of the novelty-seeking property of the human brain to facilitate learning.



I am a Learning Strategy Lead, Project Manager, and Professor at the local college. I teach diverse audiences through in person and online learning environments. I manage projects that Instructional Designers create elessons for and consult on curriculum developments. I look forward to continuing to teach in the future, utilizing my instructional designer skills to help create engaging learning environments.

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