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EDUC 6115: Instructional Design Blog 1 – The Doorway to Professional Learning Communities

EDUC 6115: Instructional Design Blog 1 – The Doorway to Professional Learning Communities

For my first blog entry (ever), I am discussing the blogs that I researched relevant to the field of instructional design and training in the workplaces setting. As a veteran educator, now instructional designer I believe that learning and instructional design go hand in hand. I found many more blogs on learning, than I did Instructional Design, but because I am new to the instructional design field, and I found those blogs very informational.

The first blog I explored focused on instructional design, links for web design, and user interface design. Access to any information from instructional designers, resources I can access and explore, and design ideas is all relevant to my current position and will enhance my instructional design skills.

The second blog I explored focuses on keeping virtual training from being boring. Simulations and scenarios keep the user engaged and participating in the lesson. Instructional designers at my company have participated in webinars offered through this site and have given great reviews.

The thirst blog explored focuses on e-learning, designing the right course, and managing e-learning projects. My current projects are all e-lessons, and this blog has excellent resources and links to assist in e-learning development. This blog shares practical tips and tricks.

There are a lot of exceptional resources available through blogs for instructional design. I focused more on the instructional design blogs because my expertise is in education and I want to enhance my instructional design skills. I am excited to learn everything I can about effective instructional design. 



I am a Learning Strategy Lead, Project Manager, and Professor at the local college. I teach diverse audiences through in person and online learning environments. I manage projects that Instructional Designers create elessons for and consult on curriculum developments. I look forward to continuing to teach in the future, utilizing my instructional designer skills to help create engaging learning environments.

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